• Introducing The TBO Model One
    Tiny Backyard Office. A place of refuge from distraction. A sanctuary.
  • It's your coffee shop office
    minus the coffee shop
  • It's a temple of productivity
  • a work of art you can work in
  • It's a sanctuary

Small Means Big

It's a brave new world in the way we work. More of us work from home and in smaller spaces. Visit any coffee shop and you'll see that we don't need large offices with filling cabinets and bulky computer equipment. Today, all you need is about 20 square feet.

This convergence between shrinking technology and the mobile office is what makes the TBO the perfect workspace. Because the TBO can be small, it can be shipped complete, it can be easily moved and it can be low cost.

Interoir shot of TBO

TBO Saves Money
and Marriages

TBO will transport you away from all of the distractions that come with working from home. Working from a home office means constant interruptions and what we call 'proximity stress'. Even when boundaries are set, you still never get a private office experience.

With the TBO, not only will you be fully removed from distractions, but also you will save on high monthly rents. Your family will love you again.

Exterior shot of TBO

TBO has Wheels

Put your TBO wherever you want, whenever you want. With the included wheels, you can easily move your TBO to a new location. Move it for a new view in the yard or even up the driveway for delivery to a new home.

TBO with wheels

Open it up
TBO has Wings

A front acrylic roof vent and two vents spanning the length of the TBO open out to bring in the fresh air on nice days. When you want to keep the heating or cooling in (HVAC unit not included), the vents can be secured with magnetic closures. The roof vents also make the TBO a great place to enjoy a cigar.

TBO wing vents open

TBO Wears Shades

Create multiple levels of privacy by lowering or rising any of the optional 2" pleated shades by Bali. The shades provide a sense of security when working at night and allow you to block out the sun or other distractions during the day.

TBO with shades down

TBO is Versatile

You don't have to use your TBO as an office. Add a comfortable club chair, mini bar and TV, and you've got the perfect private man or woman cave built for one. Use it as a greenhouse, a small recording studio or an art studio. What you end up doing with it is limited only by your imagination.

TBO man cave

Tao of TBO


Experience panoramic views of your surroundings as you work within the minimalist frame and floor to ceiling windows. And when you need to shut out the outside world, you can pull down any of the five blinds to create a private work space free of distraction.


Open the back door and be transported to the scent of a cabin in the north woods. Your TBO is constructed of rough cut cedar posts and floors that not only look great, but smell great too. You will never want to go back to the coffee shop again.


Enjoy silence or the sounds of wildlife and the wind blowing though the trees with the roof vents open. When it rains, raindrops gently tap on the galvanized metal roof. It's music to your ears – a truly unique experience.


  • Frame: 4'x 6' rough cut cedar posts
  • Roof: Corrugated galvanized steel
  • Windows/Vents: 1/4" acrylic panels
  • Flooring: 5.25" x 2" cedar boards
  • Height: 7' Width: 4' Length: 6'

Order Your TBO

Starting At $3,500.00

Rent for as little as $250/mo (St. Louis MO only)

TBO is shipping now. Custom build options are available. TBO may qualify for tax deductions. Special financing is available.

Submit the form below and a sales agent will contact you.

About the TBO Architect

The professional work of the St. Louis native and TBO creator can be found across the the internet in the form of national job boards, influential news sites and the websites of major advertising agencies.

Companies worked directly for include Apple Inc, IBM and though agencies the brands Anhueser Busch, American Express, Toyota, and McDonalds.

So why the jump to tiny backyard offices? The architect of the TBO explains.

Designing software and designing physical buildings is surprisingly similar. In fact, many of the same technical terms are used because the same principles apply. At its simplest, something can look and work great on a computer screen just as it can in the physical world. Design knows no boundaries.

With a growing family and limited space, the need for a space to work from home, but away from the distractions, was the inspiration. The result of that inspiration is the TBO Model One.

J. Arlington Kirk - TBO Architect

Contact Us

Questions, comments, suggestions? Contact us using the form below.


Is TBO a kit?

TBO ships complete. No assembly required.

How do you heat and cool the TBO?

Any small heater and/or AC unit will be plenty of heating and cooling power to make your TBO comfortable (not included). The thick floors, insulated ceiling and acrylic panels provide great insulation.

How do I move my TBO?

Your TBO comes with four large inflated wheels that make moving your TBO easy.

Does the TBO come with a desk and chair?

The TBO comes unfurnished, but we would be happy to custom build your model to include a desk and chair.

Do I need city approval to have a TBO in my backyard?

Every city is different. Contact your local trustees or authorities to find out what is and isn't allowed. The TBO may be approved as part of a case by case approval process.

Will I feel claustrophobic in such a small space?

If you don't feel claustrophobic in a car, you shouldn't feel claustrophobic in your TBO. The floor to ceiling windows give your TBO a feeling of openness and with the shades down, it may be better described as cozy.

Can I stand in my TBO?

While you might be able to stand in your TBO it's designed for sitting. Custom design options that include height adjustments are available. Use the Contact Us form to inquire.

Why aren't there larger options?

The TBO was designed with four goals in mind. TBO must be simple, light, portable and complete. Our research shows that most people don't need a workspace larger than 4'x 6'. Understanding that and sticking with our goals we are able to deliver a completely assembled office solution at a low cost.

Can I lock my TBO?

Yes, the TBO ships with a lock and key.

Can I write off the cost of my TBO?

In most cases, yes. Contact your accountant.

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